Saturday, January 02, 2016

August days and nights and Fluffy joins the family. August 2015

I love summer. I love the weather, I love the days and the nights. I love to go golf, walk and the warm evenings. This full moon was amazing. We rode up on the farms to catch it. 

 Golfing by moon light. 
 We had a cool stormy weekend and decided to take a long ride. We just took off for unknown destinations. The road took us to Virginia City. I had not been there for years. It has not changed much. We took the tour of the city on the Fire Engine. It was an interesting trip around the little town.  Then we drove on to Bozeman Montana. We had a delicious pizza. 

 Charles Place was started as a new development of cottages. I took on the building of one of the first houses. It will be fine. I think. 

 Wandering through CAL Ranch we discovered this little dinosaur following Jeff around the store. That is the beginning of Fluffy. Ana named the critter and decided it is a she. Fluffy is going to have a lot of fun seeing the world I think. 

 The babies are not babies anymore. We see them everyday. Sometimes we just hear them but they are around. 
Did I mention that I love summer? Well I do!

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