Friday, December 20, 2013

Piura and Huanuco Peru NRT trip

 Here is our little NRT team out for a treat in the evening. We have fun walking around cities in the evenings. The ice cream here was very good. We were watching the Hallelujah Chorus on TV in Spanish. Feliz Navidad. 
 We visited a church and I loved watching this little lady fervently praying. 
Part of Jeff's group of students. The people were all very nice and eager to learn. 
 Here is the whole group. Jeff gave the Minister of Health the picture that we leave in each city. 

 Some crazy souvenirs. No way would they allow you on the plane with these. 
 The plane ride to Huanuco was spectacular. We flew through the mountains. Literally. In a small plane. Don't worry, be happy!
 This is where you pick up your luggage. There are no conveyor belts. 
 Our hotel was the Grand Huanuco Hotel. It was lovely and peaceful. This is Katie and Merilee relaxing. 

 The alley was right across form the LDS church. People live in here. 
 They created a beautiful nativity scene in the lobby of our hotel. It was fun to watch them make it. It had lights and went from night to day. 

 One evening after the training we went walked to the river. It was a nice little walk. We got to see some fun things and take pictures. 

Fortunato Perez, Jeff and I have traveled extensively together over the years in Latin America. It was good to spend time again with him. 

 I watched this little lady get on the escalator for the first time in her life. She was very frightened. Her family helped her. 
 We found a fun Artisan shop. 

 See the little plane coming in. It is our plane. The pilots must be very good to manage their way around these mountains. The next picture shows the runway below the plane as flew out on our way back to Lima Peru. 
When we got back to Lima we went to a place recommended by the Tulley's as the best burger in Lima. It was a great place. The hamburgers were huge. I had Mac and Cheese which was delicious. Then we headed back to the airport for the long trip home. 

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