Friday, December 13, 2013

Autumn and thankfulness

We have had a wonderful fall. It is warm. We headed to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving in perfect warm weather. They were still watering flowers in Salt Lake City.
I made a turkey dinner for us and Andy. Just a simple meal. These two Turkeys could not wait for a plate to eat theirs from. 
We drove to Slat Lake after work on Wednesday and made it there in record time. Three hours. Everyone was gathered in the hallway between the rooms. Thanksgiving at Little America is a perfect way to spend the day. No cooking, no cleaning up and every food you can imagine. All you can eat. 
 Les and I got up and went for a walk downtown. It was again very nice outside. 
Flowers a bloom on Temple Square. 
We walked through Temple Square and looked at the Nativity. It was very well done. 

At last it was dinner time. We had three tables of people. The food was as good as we expected. 

The chocolate fountain was a hit all day. Before during and after the main courses people were dipping things in chocolate. 

We had a ton of fun after our dinner too. All the kids swam for hours. 
We went to the movies. The big kids saw Hunger Games…Catching Fire and the little kids saw Frozen. 
Then it was time to eat again. We took the teen group down and had fun with them. The Little America hot dinner rolls were a hit. 

Next it was time to see the Christmas Lights on Temple Square. Beth and Gary joined us for the Trax ride up to it. Beth had never been on Trax or seen the Christmas Lights. 

Saturday morning Jeff and I were off to Peru. 
Jeff was in rare form helping people find their seats and putting bags away. 
Happy Thanksgiving is the perfect term for this holiday. We had a great time. 

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