Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh the places I go when I walk.

I do a lot of walking. Almost everyday I manage to fit in a walk. I try to do a minimum of four miles and shoot for much more. Occasionally I will walk 10 miles. I love it. I especially love the things I see when walking.  My iPhone comes in handy to capture the things I see. I also love taking shadow pictures of myself while walking. 
 My friends also love walking. We have had some of the most beautiful morning walks and conversations imaginable. 

 Seasons come and go. It is fun to watch the fields through the summer. Grain and potatoes are my usual views. 
 I love to see the temple!

This shows the same view in the daylight and then in the early morning darkness. 
 The flowers this summer have been in abundance. It has been a long hot summer with moisture mixed in. Everything is lush and beautiful. 

I dug up one little potato just to see if they were really under there. 

 Snuck a golfing shadow picture in here. We discovered a little museum of apples. It is just a block from my house. I tried on an apple picking basket. 
 One of my favorite walks is up around the farms. I get to see the sunrise in this beautiful setting. 
 It is just me and the power lines this early in the morning. 
 We visited the kids in Boise but I still walked. The sky was filled with hot air balloons this morning. 
 Mitch and Leslie took me to the best walking trails in the foothills. Marley came with us and we had a fun walk. 

 All the storms rolling by this summer created some great backgrounds. 
 Something fascinating is the number of birds in town this year. Kind of like the movie The Birds. The temple and the temple grounds are covered with probably hundreds and hundreds of birds. Look close on the temple. It is lined with birds. We have to watch where we are walking because they leave quite a mess everywhere. 
 Cute little bunny. 
 Grain harvest means the end of summer is coming. I am going to miss this summer. 

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