Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friends and fun for all.

 We got to spend some time with Durrel and Marie who are Ana and Lily's Grandparents. They were as cute as ever and she let us have eat of her famous "buns". 
 Bert and Ernie or Fred and Barney whatever fits the day. Such cute guys they are. 
 We went to the concert for the Centennial and it was fun. We saw Starship and Sawyer Brown. 
 Great fire works show was after the concert down at Walters pond. Great seats to watch the show. 
 We ran into Josh, Kate and the girls up at Heise. 
 My work friends having a not so fun moment. Medicare is a royal pain. 
 Bart and Joane and us rode our bikes up at Harriman Park. It was a lot of fun and of course very beautiful. We dodged the rainstorms that circled around. 

 The annual trip to the East Idaho State Fair. Yummy food and fun day. 

 We went to a perfect summer party at Walters pond. It was so fun. They added a zip line this year. We paddled around on a paddle boat and ate great food besides the zip line adventures. 

 The Visick's came to do a little NRP training. Jeff took their son for a little Corvette ride. He was in heaven. 
 Then the down pours came. It rained so hard it was unreal. There has been so much rain in the west this summer. Lots of places are getting record rain and floods. We had a little flood of our own in Rexburg. 

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