Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feigleson Family Reunion

It was a great July weekend. My Dad and Barb came to town. We had nonstop fun. Beth and Gary, Jeff and Mary, Dad and Barb went to dinner at the Yellowfinn. Greg and Suzan work there. We sat outside under the misters and had a perfect summer evening.
Suzan was our cute waitress.
Dad and Barb were happy to be in Utah. 
We even talked Jeff into eating some sushi. He even liked it.
Saturday was the big event. We all gathered at Bryan's house in Kaysville. He has a fun yard with a pool so it was perfect. Almost everyone was able to be there. Trevor was one who could not be there but he skyped in for a quick visit with Owen. 

The deck was the place to be and be seen. 

Jake and the guys manned the grill. Hamburgers grilled with mustard on them. They also had ribs. 
Beth doing grandchild duty poolside. 
Brexton got to off show his pet lizard. 
My Dad with all the girls. Funny face Dad. 

Rachel and Leslie sharing something funny.
Julie, Pat and Jen. Unfortunately Mike was out driving the ESPN truck. 
Jake and Seth snacking. 

Chuck and Barb had fun catching up with every ones busy lives. 
Ana, Rachel, Jonah and Amber. So many cute cousins.

It was a challenge gathering everyone for a group shot. I set the timer and dashed into the picture. Knowing I was going to block some behind me I ducked down. Goofy picture. 
The kids played hard all day. Swimming and jumping kept them all busy. 
Best cousins for life. 

Andy and Jake probably sharing all of the things they did as youth. Some of it was pure trouble. 

We had so much food. But it was all very good food. 

Rachel and Barb looking at pictures. 
Isaac was proud of his physique. We caught it on film. 
Dad's jumped into the pool and the water fights started. 

Last but not least...Todd even made it all the way from California. 
The masters at work on the grill. 
The famous chocolate cake disappearing act. 
The next morning found us all at Little America for another food festival. 
Rachel had a foreign exchange student with her. I think she was shocked at the Little America breakfast buffet. It is the best breakfast around. 
Jeff and Christian having a laugh. The girl from France asked what it meant when we take pictures and say "fuzzy wieners."
Can you say feast?

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Beth said...

Wow! Great job catching the feel and fun of the family reunion. You have great pictures. I need to get those from you. I hope we can do it all again soon.