Sunday, May 20, 2012

Petra a Wonder of the World

 At last our visit to a much anticipated place for me. PETRA!!!!
 It was a 3 hour bus ride from Amman Jordan to Petra. The ride was so interesting. The terrain is desert, the culture fascinating. Camel herds, sheep herds tended by Bedouins. 

 We arrived to a pretty dry arid area. It was hot but I am sure not as hot as in the summer months. 
 We walked from the parking area down a dusty path. 

 Soon we were seeing signs of an ancient civilization. 

 The many horses waiting to be hired gives you a clue that you are in for a bit of a hike. They have horses, carriages and camels all for hire. 
 The guards were very nice. 

 After a bit of a hike you enter the Siq. It is a beautiful narrow natural canyon like you find in southern Utah. Beautiful red banded colors. 

 They had a water system. This ledge carried water the whole length of the Siq to Petra. 
 The canyon is so narrow and the walls are so high that little sunlight makes it into the path keeping it nice and cool. 

 Carriages carrying those who prefer not to walk looked challenging. They come very fast and the path is very rough so the passengers often looked "fearful". 

 Linda and I crawled through a small opening in the wall to check out where these stairs went. We discovered that this is the make do rest room for those who could not wait. Nice picture however. 
 After a spectacular walk of about 45minutes you see the sneak preview of the Treasury through the narrow walls of the Siq. 
 Gotta say I was so excited for this view. This is where they filmed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It is also recently designated one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 

 All of this is carved from the soft red sandstone back in ancient times. 

 After looking at the Treasury we walked down the road and around the corner to the most amazing sites. There is a whole city carved into the rocks. 

 So many staircases that we did not have time to check out. You should really stay near Petra and spend a couple of days to see all of it. 

 This is the amphitheater that seats 3000 people. Much of the things here were destroyed by a huge earthquake. 

 There are lots of camels all decked out around here. 

 This was a home and the colors are so beautiful on the walls. 

 They have little shops selling cold drinks and snacks along the way. There are a couple of Indiana Jones souvenir shops also. 

 My camel ride cost me $5.00. It was just a few minutes but long enough to get the silly camel ride pictures every tourist has to have in front of the Treasury. 

 Our time here was not long enough. We headed back into the Siq and a farewell to Petra. 

Jeff and Brad and their parting shots of Petra from the Siq. What do you think? Could they replace Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones movie? 

 Jeff decided it was too hot and long of a walk out so he hired a horse to carry him. Heehaw!

 I know why these people dress like this now. So much cooler and protects you from the sun. Not sure that is the real reason but it has that nice side effect. 

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bBchronicles said...

THANKS for the tour - these are amazing and INTERESTING photos. I could look at them all day! What a great experience and educational experience. This is definitely on my BUCKET LIST. Thanks for sharing - you look pretty HOT on that camel!!!!!!!!