Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jerusalem to the Jerusalem Center

 During our wanderings through Jerusalem we needed a snack and stopped here. It was one of the BEST pizza's we have tasted. They were cooked in a wood fired stove. 
 These are some of the ancient Jerusalem streets. Some of them are now underneath the city. 
 Groups carry crosses through the route that Christ took carrying his cross. 
 Looking up through the ceiling. As I said earlier this city is built on layers of civilizations. 
 The markets are fun to see. The pyramid is a display of spices. There are so many different cultures and religions all blended together. 

 On Saturday (the Sabbath in Israel) we attended Sacrament meeting at the 
The Jerusalem Center   This is our Israeli guide. He is a retired Israeli General and was a pretty amazing guy. He had little tolerance for slow moving tourists. "COME, COME, COME, I said come, hurry". He was the best guide you could have. Abraham. Loved his accent. 

 The grounds and gardens here are beautiful. There are old olive presses, wine presses and beautiful gardens. The view of Jerusalem is spectacular. I had a whole different idea of what this place would be like. I was wrong on all accounts. 

 Below is the view from the entrance tot he Center. Check out that view. 
 The Chapel is theater style seating so you have a view of the whole city of Jerusalem behind the pulpit. It was so amazing to attend the meeting with this view. 
They give concerts here that includes the incredible pipe organ that sits at the back of the Chapel. 

A beautiful mosaic hanging on the wall. 

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