Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jerusalem of old

 It was a full day of seeing so many things in Old Jerusalem. It was hard to fit it all into our heads. So much history in so small space. We walked for hours seeing famous site after famous site. The walls around Jerusalem are amazing. 

 We visited the room on Mount Zion's that they believe the Last Supper took place in. I laughed at this picture because a stray kitty decided to catch the lecture too. 
 Jerusalem is built on the hills. You can see so much of it no matter where you are. It is very beautiful.
 Across the valley on top of the hill we looked at the Jerusalem Center which sits on an amazing spot. 

 In the background is the  Dome of the Rock which is the golden dome you can see behind Jeff.  

 On this day we followed the route of Christ's last days. The same streets are still there. We visited a site which is believed to be the underground prison where Christ was held when he was tried. 

 Above are some beautiful doors to a Church.
 One of the traditions of the group was to get a "Magnum Bar" every chance we got. Yummy ice cream. 

 This is a part of the street of Jerusalem at the time of Christ. The chariot tracks are still there. 

 We stopped and bought the traditional Baygeleh bread that is covered in sesame seeds They are sold every where hot out of wood fired stoves. You dip it in a tasty salty baggy of spice. These were heavenly despite the grumpy look on my face. If you notice we always have a little box hanging on us and ear phones. We wear them most of the time. Our guides talk nonstop. This way you can hear what they are saying and still wander around looking at things. 

 The famous Jaffa gate that enters the city of Jerusalem. There are 8 gates that enter the wall around Jerusalem. Gates of Jerusalem
 An important part of our trip are the people who took us there. Lyndsey Tyndal is the daughter of the owner of  Funforless Tours . She made sure that the trip went as planned. Michael Wilcox was our educator. He made it all come together at each site. We loved them both. 
 It was a beautiful afternoon when we visited the Garden Tomb where Christ body was laid. We had the Garden all to ourselves that day. Tourism is low in the Middle East, so seldom do you have crowds.  

 They think that Christ hung on the cross above this hill. It is believed that a skeletal face is in the cliff below the site. I had a hard time seeing it. 

 Dome of the Rock was a beautiful site. 

 Just in case you are wondering, yes there are armed guards everywhere in Israel. 
One place that really fascinated me was the Pools of Bethesda. We have seen many depictions of this Bible story but I was surprised to see the real site. The Pools of Bethesda


Garden of Egan said...

How could you ever be the same being there!?
The photos are amazing.

How long were you there?

Cella said...

Wow...I just loved every single one of your pictures! My husband and I long to go there (we've never been). We we're scheduled to go in 2010 on our honeymoon and we had the trip paid for & everything but there was a family emergency & we had to cancel. Maybe some day, ya know? But until then, I really enjoyed your pictures...thank you for sharing them :)