Friday, May 18, 2012

Jerusalem wanderings

 We spent many hours wandering around Jerusalem. I am still studying about the places we saw. We would go out early and wander through the old streets. Here is a man hanging rugs to sell on the wall. 
 Linda let out a scream as we walked. She spied this statue at a dining place. She has one just like it in her kitchen at home. 
 This restaurant is like a cave along the way. Wish we had time to eat at it. 
 Oh the wonderful breads in Israel. 
 The famous Wailing or Western Wall  which is the Holiest place of prayer. 

 I brought a prayer on a piece of paper to place in the crack in the wall for a friend from Rexburg. 

 Many people come here everyday to pray. There is a mix of tourists and local Jewish people. 
 Jeff looking at the Wall. We were not able to go see it together as men and women have to go to separate places. They have Bar Mitzvah going on all the time here also. 

 The famous walls around Jerusalem are huge and go on forever. 

 We headed to see the Hezekiah Tunnel. Oh boy is it amazing. They warned us if we have claustrophobia that it was not a good idea to go in it. This tunnel was built 2700 years ago to save the water system from the Assyrians. It is built deep underground beneath Jerusalem. 

 This sign shows you how deep the water in the tunnel will be on your legs. It was below our knees when we went in. 
 We had to walk down slippery wet stairs about 10 floors to the tunnel. You also need a flashlight so we brought headlamps. 
 Chuck and Linda were right behind us in the tunnel. 
 Blurry photo but it shows how small the tunnel is. Nearly a mile long you start to wonder what you were thinking coming down here. 

 We made it. Wow what a place. Now we had to hike back up the hill. It was a long steep walk. The pools of Siloam are here also. Hezekiah's Tunnel
 Have I mentioned what a beautiful city Jerusalem is? 

 The view from the Mount of Olives. 

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bBchronicles said...

MARY! These are fabulous photos - THANKS SO MUCH for sharing - I LOVED them all - great shots. NOW, I want to go there! Awesome!