Sunday, February 05, 2012

At last a day of winter!

 This year has been a non winter. As in no snow, no storms, no winter. I am camp director again and we decided to do a winter camp for the Junior Leaders. We wanted to take them cross country skiing then to "camp" in a cabin and do some leadership training. The breaking news is that there was no water so it really was a bit campish even though we were in a cabin. 
 We arrived in Island Park to ....snow! Finally we got to see snow. Not much but enough. Nobody but me had cross country skied. They did great! A five minute lesson and they were off like pros. 
 Can you believe real icicles on a tree? Just like fake Christmas tree icicles. 
 This was the view from our lunch spot. SWANS! 
 The following pictures I took as a set of Swans took off and flew right by our heads. So spectacular!

 My group of skiers with Tetons in background. You could not have found a more beautiful day to be in Harriman Park. A day to remember for sure!

 Hills were a challenge for the group. This was the last one. I made it the whole day without falling!


Leslie said...

The swans are spectacular!

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