Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heaven on earth

 Unfortunately for anyone traveling with me I have to hike which means you have to hike. When I told them we were going for a short hike I think they were just humoring me. But you have to hit the trail to see some beautiful places. It was kind of hot but they went with me. Here are some of the things we saw. Above is a slot in the cliff edge that was pretty cool.  

 Look at them hiking!!!

 In this glorious cove we saw sea turtles swimming and a whale leaped out of the water but I did not have my camera ready. 
 If I was a pirate I would anchor in this cove. 
 Yes the cliffs made me nervous. 

 A little bit of shade for a little bit of rest. 
 The view out of our front door. 
 The whales were plentiful. This shot was taken from a lawn chair as the whales were jumping. 
 There are three hot tubs at the resort. This one is extra hot. 
 I have to say that this is a great shot, a sailboat, a surfer and a whale all in one picture. 
 Sunset, need I say more?
And best of all....


Rachel said...

Looks so fun. And lovely. Tod would die to see those whales.

Beth said...

Super photography! Sunshine and Hot!?!? Is that the same island we were on last year?? Looks like fun.

Leslie said...

I personally loved the hike. The water in that cove was for some reason more brilliantly turquoise than any water I saw on the whole island. And when the whale jumped? Magical. You should see the pic I have of my skirt blowing up standing over that hole that blows air from the waves! ;)

And I totally agree, the pic with the boat, whale and surfer is just totally awesome. It was a dream vacation. Thank you x's a million........ <3