Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today

I suspect everyone is remembering where they were 10 years ago today. Who could forget. I was driving with a friend Terry Conrad to Idaho Falls. We were going on a tour to the INEL nuclear reactor sight west of Rexburg. It was part of a state wide meeting for emergency coordinators. We heard on the way down to Idaho Falls on the radio that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We continued on and boarded the bus with all of the emergency coordinators for Idaho. When we arrived out there we were greeted by security who told us we would be escorted back off of the grounds due to security. They allowed us a restroom stop and then drove us out. Back then the cell phones were just that, so the only news we received was by cell phone. A phone on the bus would ring and the person receiving the call would relay the latest news. A plane was headed for the capital, now it had crashed and on and on. The bus was eerily quiet. We all headed back to our cities and jobs, the conference ended without meeting. I went back to the hospital arriving just in time to watch the first tower collapse. My heart still breaks for that day. 

So many lives lost on that day but also during the years of war since then. One of the directors over the Newborn Resuscitation Program we are involved in lost her husband Brady Howell in the Pentagon crash. Liz does amazing things for us and all those who are involved in this work. 
And so time passes on. We will never forget that day and we pray that there not be a repeat in the future. Osama Bin Laden is now gone but the evil he created is not. The world will never be the same. An interesting thing is that years ago I saw an article about him in a Readers Digest. It said that he was one of the most dangerous men ever. This was before anyone had heard of him. I was so impressed that I saved the article. There was something about his face. Little did I know that he would wreak such havoc on the United States. So we pause today to remember all of those lost. 
God Bless America!

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Beth said...

Nice memorial post. yes, i remember as well where I was. i was home with mom and Susan. We all stood in front of the TV in shock. Mom was undergoing cancer treatment and made the comment. "I feel bad for all of you who will have to live through this. The world will never be the same. I wont have to be here to see it." So much has changed since that day!