Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How to entertain yourself when walking

I have this crazy notion to go hiking. Not just a little hike but the Grand hike of all. I am planning to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim in two weeks. With about 16 of my friends. Some of these friends are very in shape. I am not able to do all the mountain hikes they are doing to train so I walk around town instead. A lot of walking. I find the biggest hills and just keep walking. This last weekend I walked about 40 miles. You have to entertain yourself to walk that much. This day I took pictures of myself in some of the fun places I walked. I have seen a lot of fun and beautiful things in Rexburg. Everyone should go walking and just look at your surroundings. It is really cool. 
 BYUI gardens. This guy kind of creeped me out. 

 This summer to help train I hiked the stadium stairs. Now that sounds fun doesn't it? I discovered another place to do stairs. Lots of them in the Conference Center. 75 stairs to be exact. They also have a nice restroom and a cold water fountain. Good tip when you are walking for hours. 
 I stopped in at my friends who ditched us to hang out in Bermuda. Knocked on the door for old times sake. Nobody answered. :)
 Most nights I head out walking again before I go to bed. This night I saw this amazing sight. All these floating fire filled lanterns were floating up into the sky. They looked like the ones in Tangled. Turns out they are drifting up into the sky from a wedding reception in my neighborhood. Not too surprising the Fire Department showed up. 
Call me Mary Gump. 


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