Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch with my girl friends

 There is nothing better than fall in the Teton Mountains. Summer came late this year so the wildflowers are just at their peak in the high altitudes. The trail we hiked took us behind Grand Targhee Ski Resort. It was really beautiful. We hiked about 14 miles. It was also my test hike for hiking the Grand Canyon next week. I made it just fine so guess I am going. 

 After three hours of uphill climbing (10,000 feet high) we made it to this beautiful lake. Lunch is always the highlight of a long hike. We share goodies and stories of hikes from years ago. I have been hiking with these ladies for about 25 years now. 
 My favorite flower which few have ever seen is the Elephants Head Flower. Each blossom looks like an elephants head. I only see them above 9,000 feet. If you click on the picture you will see all the cute purple elephants. 
 Laura was our guide for this trip. It is a good thing we had her because this hike has a poor, barely there trail. In fact crossing these flower filled meadows there was no trail to be found. So we made our way through these beautiful flowers. 
I love to go a wandering among the hills so green and as I go I love to sing, my Knapp sack on my back....
That was a song I learned in grade school. I still love it. 
If you look closely at the front of all these hikers you will see BEAR SPRAY hanging off of us. We keep it handy as this canyon is rumored to be the one with the most grizzly bears. We did not see any but our day was spent looking out for them. 


Beth said...

I love the Elephant Head Flower. Beautiful

Rachel said...

Yes, cool flower. You're cool and ambitious to hike the Grand! Hope your trip is fun and you ladies don't get in too much trouble. Return with honor!!! ;)

barbchuck said...

I can hardly wait to hear about your grand canyon hike.