Monday, July 04, 2011

Along the Yangtze River

 Our cruise gave us the opportunity to see another view of China. We slowly cruised down the river watching daily life. We stopped occasionally to get off and visit communities along the way. These communities have been rebuilt following the flooding due to the Three Gorges Dam. 

 They do not use many shopping bags. Most things purchased are carried in baskets. 
 These young ladies were headed home from school. 
 There was a farmers market we walked through. They had some of the most beautiful produce I have ever seen all displayed in neat fashion. 

 The chickens were seasoned with what I suspect is spicy. 
 A tidy little market. 
 These senior citizens were in the park and entertained us with local music and some American songs also. 

 The local people will open their homes for tours so you can see how they live. Above is the kitchen. 
 This is the rest of the kitchen which is outdoors. 
 The family TV room. 
 The bathroom has the typical squat toilet. It is the hole in the floor at the far end of the room. 
 This is the laundry area. A stone surface to scrub the clothes on and a line to hang the clothes up. 
Here is the front door of the house. 
 Here is where they wash the cars. 
 Every where you go in China people are out playing card or board games. 
A rice paddy. We saw many of these. Everything we saw was neat and orderly. We learned that the Chinese do not own property. They are allowed to have it from the government. When they die it returns to the government and it is given to someone else who has just been born. Usually this is not the same family. 

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barbchuck said...

Great pictures of daily life, Mary. The little convenience store reminds me of the one in Dharamsala where we used to shop. You were so lucky to get to visit and photograph inside a typical home. It is so interesting to see how simply most of the rest of the world lives.