Monday, June 06, 2011

Shenzhen China and the Cultural Folk Village

We spent a day at the Cultural Folk Village in Shenzhen which is just across the Chinese border from Hong Kong. This park is modeled after the Polynesian Cultural Center. It has miniature attractions from all over China. It was also as you can see in decked out in orange flower blooms. Very beautiful. 

 Jeff Chuck and Gary took a nice little break from the sites. 
 After walking through the beautiful park we were able to see three shows. They were each unique and fun to see the culture of China in them. The first was an outdoor horse back riding, storytelling show. 
Next was a spectacular song and dance show which included some very creative productions. 

We are learning a lot about China. It is a beautiful country with so much history and culture. I had no idea how nice it was going to be here. 


Garden of Egan said...

All I can say
The things you've seen!

Ray Dong Chong said...

Very jealous. Cute pic of you crazy ladies!

Jeff said...

Cute pictures!