Thursday, June 09, 2011

Going through Three Gorges Dam ship locks

It was fun to visit the Three Gorges Dam. We got off the cruise ship and walked around looking at it. It is the largest dam in the world. A couple of years ago we saw the Itaipu dam in Paraguay and were impressed by it so Jeff was in hog heaven to see this dam also. After the visit to see the dam we got back on the ship and headed into the locks. We needed to be raised 150 feet to continue down the river. We went through five consecutive locks being raised 30 feet each time. It took about 5 hours to do this. It was quite interesting. The picture above shows us heading into the first lock. 
 Jeff on our cabin balcony looking at the ship next to us. There was about 18 inches between the two boats. We decided to lock our cabin door as it would be very easy for someone to jump over into our room. There were four ships at a time in each lock. 
 Jeff and Gary checking out the massive door to the lock. When all the ships were in and positioned they swung them shut and then filled the huge tank with water which raised us up to the level of the next one. 
 It was evening and the sunset was pretty. It is very hazy here with fog or smog. We never decided for sure. The locals said it was fog. 
 We spent most of the time up on deck watching the process. That is not dinner in Jeff's belly but his money pouch hanging under his shirt. 
 Check out the dragon boat behind ours. 
 This is a picture of the back doors closing, it taken from the upper deck of the cruise ship. A nice spot to sit and watch the river roll by. 
We did take a break from the ship lock activity to eat dinner. We met many Rexburg people on the ship that we knew. Here we are with the Keller's who now live in Boise but used to be in our ward. 

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