Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Four Feigs Christmas Dinner

Christmas is almost here. I love our Christmas weekends in Salt Lake. Remember there is NO shopping in Rexburg. Every year we come down to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert in Salt Lake. It is what makes Christmas become a reality for me. I love those concerts. This year David Archuletta was the head liner. He did a beautiful job. It was great. Saturday we did all our remaining shopping and finished up. Saturday night it was dinner with my family. It was so great to see Beth Mike and Pat and their spouses. Jeff did the photo shoot from his phone. 
 Pat, Beth, Mary and Mike...the four little Feigs. 
 A little clowning around. 
Inside joke about Mike and I. So this is for my Dad. Can you tell us apart? Which one of us has Mike's glasses on? 


barbchuck said...

Thank you for taking the pictures and for posting them so quickly. Seeing you all makes us realize how much we miss you. It is looking less and less likely that we will be coming. Highway 88 is still closed from the California side, due to four feet of snow and the subsequent avalance danger. It just won't seem like Christmas without our wonderful family.

Rachel said...

How sad that Chuck & Barb may have to cancel their trip.

I think it's darn cute that you siblings get together. Glad you had fun!

Beth said...

What a fun time. I think we make a pretty cute foursome

Leslie said...

Darn cute brothers and sisters!