Friday, September 03, 2010

A really random post

You know how you take pictures but never get around to doing anything with them. Here are just a couple that I have hanging around. This summer we got to tour the new Conference Center at BYUI. It is HUGE. Holds 15,000 people. Jeff is a Medical Director for the Fire Department so we got to go with them and see the nooks and crannies of the place. Below is a tunnel beneath that is for circulating air. You could drive a pick up through it. 

 We went from the tunnels underneath to the cat walks up above. This place is really really big. It looks just like the conference center in SLC. 

 Random things Part 2. We were in Seattle a couple of weekends ago. On the way home we flew on the Boise State Broncos plane. It was painted up pretty fancy. 
 Now this is deep into random. If you have ever flown on a prop plane you know that when the propellers are spinning you cannot see them. I was taking shots out the window of the paint job and discovered that the props show up in a photo. Must be one fast shutter on the camera. Either that or this plane is about to go down, as in crash. Since I am writing this post it obviously did not. Cool. 

This week we start a new chapter in life. We have a teenage grandchild. Grant turns 13 today. Soon we will have teenagers all over the family. How did that happen so fast? We have fifteen going on sixteen grand kids so far. 
 Finally all the grand kids headed back to school this week. Poor little Edie had to go with  a shiner. She tripped and hit her eye in the garage. Edie is a girlie's girl, she likes to look just right so she was not happy to have this on her first day of school. But look at her hair. Edie has a mass of beautiful curls but she talked her mom into straightening it. She is a beauty no matter how she wears her hair. 


Garden of Egan said...

Those are some awesome pictures!
Ya, random, but awesome.

Sorry about the shiner on the little one.
I'm wearing one right now too.

suzan said...

I have a million random pictures too. maybe I should do a random pics post? but then again, most of my posts are pretty random these days :) What a good Mom Leslie is to take the time to straighten Edies hair! That must be quite the task! What a little cutie pie!!

Beth said...

You are always so busy having fun.. It was great to sit and visit with you on Sunday.
Edie is a beauty even with a black eye and sad face, Soooo cute, just like her grandma.

Leslie said...

Oh, what a surprise to see your little write up on adorable Edie at the end of your 'random' post. That girl melts my heart...