Sunday, August 29, 2010

Helping Babies Breathe and NRT

This weekend we spent in Salt Lake City. On Saturday we had an all day course on the new Helping Babies Breathe course developed by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). We will be introducing it to the countries we travel to. It was a good day learning the new program and seeing many of the people that we have traveled and worked with. They are all good people who have volunteered to teach NRT all over the world. The ones who work with us travel to Latin America. 

 Dr. Mark Sheffield, Dr. Michael Visick, Dr. Jerry Twiggs, Karen Cardoza, Dr. Nordell Brown, Cheryl Corbett, Mary and Jeff Zollinger, Dr. Eric Welling, Dr. Lloyd Jensen, 
Dr. Fortunato Perez, Dr. Johnny Cook. Just a few of our Latin America coworkers. 

On Sunday we were able to see Amber my niece report on her mission to Finland. It is always great to see my family. I had a nice visit with nieces and nephews and my sister Beth and brother Pat. 

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MZB said...

Welcome home Amber,I bet her parents are so glad to have her home