Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July in Idaho

 This year we had everyone home for the 4th of July. It was a four day adventure. We packed in a lot of fun. My goal was to get a good family picture. We never could get it coordinated. Too many people. So we did an impromptu one in the front yard. I set the timer on the camera and leaped over the retaining wall. Fortunately the camera did not catch missing the retaining wall. I have a pretty big scab on my leg. The picture did come out pretty good. As you can see we got lots of fun family pictures.
 The kids got to go to Bear World. Jake was very excited about the bears. 
 The rides at Bear World were a big hit. We saw the bears, ate lunch, fed the fish, petted the baby animals and rode the rides. A great way to spend a day. The big guys did their first mountain bike ride while we were at Bear World. 
 We had a snow cone machine for the weekend. This was our fist attempt at making snow cones. They were pretty good.
 Jake, Fletcher and Charley were happy campers as long as we kept them fed. 
 Margot had fun at the petting zoo. 
 Kiddy rides kept them entertained for a long time. 
 Lots of tech time was included. Swapping ideas and iPhone apps. 
 Ella was so excited to see that Grandpa had glasses that were like her pretend glasses that she wears. 
 Lauren and Fletcher checking out the chaos that was ever present. 
 Lynne waiting to see Andy get brain freeze. 
 Rob got his wish for his birthday. We surprised him with a ride in an old war plane. All of the son-in-laws got to go along for the ride with Danny Summers. They got a thrill as he flew around the Grand Teton,  did some barrel rolls and let Rob take a turn flying the plane by himself.  
 The Rexburg parade is a tradition. It was a chilly one this year. 

 Following the parade and plane ride we headed to Stephen and Cari Zollinger's for a picnic. The food was great and the fun non stop. They had a huge water slide. Fortunately the sun came out and warmed the day up. The kids nearly wore the slide out. 
 30 people means that you have to double up in the bathroom. 
 Have you ever seen so many good looking guys in one picture? 
 And how about these girls? 
 The final day we headed for Jackson Hole. It was a beautiful day. 
 There were so many great photo ops on this get together. It kept me busy. 
We hiked at String Lake under the Tetons. The grand kids were such fun hikers. 

 Edie was excited to see a deer on the trail. 
 Super grand daughter hikers. 
Floyd still to young to ride with the big guys so he found the next best thing. 
 After our hiking we headed straight to New York Sub Shop. Everyone found a spot in the shade and chilled. Shortly after this picture some of the guys drove up the Jackson Pass and rode their bikes down. Jack and Debbie and Blake and Nicole met up with us here. I think that put us at 34 people. Getting anything at all done is like moving the Titanic. 

 We had a a lot of fun. We did try to steer clear of politics. I couldn't resist adding this picture. We did have some chats about the events in Driggs. There was an option to go to see Glenn Beck in Driggs. It did not happen. Some were for it and some not. Same for a concert with Wide Spread Panic at the Spud drive-in. Rob and Lauren did make it to that. 
There is nothing like a family get together under one roof. Sharing the kids, cooking, laughing, eating, cooking on the grill, watching TV together, cleaning, planning the next activity, root beer floats, snow cones, games, fairy school, kids sleeping out in the tent and Moms sneaking out all night to check on them, group time in the bathroom, sitting on the front porch chatting, taking lots of pictures. I am glad that it is over but can't wait to do it again. Here is to the 4th of July in Idaho!!!


MZB said...

great time had by all, send me some photos if you get a chance

Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like it was a totally fun time! Have you recovered yet?

We were slammed in here all weekend...be glad you weren't!

Cute pictures. You should have taken a picture of the scab!

Stephen Zollinger Family said...

It was so fun having sharing the 4th. It was great to see all the family that was there. I will get some pics to you.

Leslie said...

Great pics Mom! Send me some!

barbchuck said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with all of us. You make me feel so guilty about not doing blogs. I love all the pictures. How huge your family has become! I loved every single picture. It makes me miss everyone even more than usual!