Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rome was not built in a day, nor can it be seen in a day.

It was an hour ride on a train from the ship to Rome. We decided to not buy a package but do it on our own. So instead of $100 per person for the ride we paid a couple of dollars a piece to ride the train. We arrived in Rome. After about a three block walk this was the view. St Peters Square and the Vatican. So amazing. We hopped on a tour bus knowing we only had a couple of hours until our Vatican tour. Really no time to sight see just a drive by of so many amazing things. Again clicking on these pictures will give better detail. 

This is a building corner. I took the picture as we drove by, I loved the details. 
Look at the cute crocheted cap on this horsey. Again I love the details just walking by the horse. 
We hopped of at Trevi Fountain. Nice!
We literally ran back to the bus. Hopped off at the Colosseum. There was not enough time to see inside of it. However they had nice clean public restrooms. So important!!!
We were surprised at how big it is. Pictures do not prepare you for how grand it is. 

Back on the bus and made our way to the Vatican. We had about 15 minutes to wolf down lunch. Lily brought her ice cream with her. 
We had a guided tour of the Vatican. So much magnificent art. 
Here is our tour guide. He was great. He was passionate and very knowledgeable. He made it interesting for the girls. 
You have to look up and down. This is a mosaic on the floor. 
It is a long day in Rome. The tour was hours long and everyone was glad to find a bench to take a break on. 
Every inch of ceiling is painted by some of the most famous artists of all time. Michelangelo and Raphael. 
This picture has Michelangelo in it. 
As we were walking along during the tour, I took a peak down a hallway as we passed it. It is near the area where the Pope lives. 
We next went into St. Peters Basilica. Again it does no good to show pictures or describe it. One of the things I most wanted to see on this trip is the Pieta. It was done by Michelangelo. Suddenly you are in front of this beautiful statue. Have you read "The Agony and the Ecstasy"?  You should. It is his story.


Mary Z said...

There is a link on The Pieta. Check out the story and pictures.

MZB said...

Wow so much history and details the guided tour would have been so great

Clay Prince said...

Great pictures Mary! I almost feel like I have been there. Which is good enough for me! Now, who's up for Belize? :-D

Leslie said...

I can't believe you had to take all of this in in ONE day. It all seems so overwhelming! Rome and all of it's treasures looks like one place not to miss.