Friday, May 28, 2010

Naples, Amalfi Coast and Pompeii for Mothers Day

Naples Italy
Our day started early with a drive along the coast with a private driver. It was beautiful. We had no idea how much more beautiful it would become with every turn. 
The little Island you can see out in the water is a private Island mostly used for private parties. Our invitation must have been lost in the mail. 
Mary , I mean Rachel, oh sorry it is Ana. The three Eileen's. 
Coast line of Italy
Positano Italy. 
A little road side fruit market near Positano. He is peeling oranges for us to sample. All the stuff hanging their looks fake but it is not. 
Cliff side villiages. 

Lily at the fruit market with her Italian Mafia friend.  
Ana and Lily
Our driver offered to take us for fast pizza and more sight seeing or a nice Italian restaurant. We choose pizza. He kept asking and finally we said OK the restaurant. He drove way up the mountain and stopped here. It was like a cave opening. The place was built into the side of the mountain. We went inside and were amazed by the place. 
This is the window at our table. The most beautiful view imaginable. The food was wonderful. We did not order. They just kept bringing plates of Italian food. Appetizers, pastas and desserts. Sigh! Why would anyone ever leave here. 
The picture below is from the Women's restroom.
But leave we did and drove back to Pompeii. We had a nice girl guide us. Such a fascinating place. 
Above is a street. You can tell it is a one way street by the big stone in the street. It is just wide enough for a chariot to pass over it. Also a person can step across the street on it avoiding water or whatever might be in the street. Ingenius. The picture below shows a sidewalk with little glittery stones set into yet. They lit the street with torches at night and these stones glowed to guide the way. 
The people of Pompeii literally died in their tracks. The ash made casts of their bodies. Many are on display. You can see how they looked at death. They died from gases from the volcano. 
Here is a dog that died chained up. You can see the chain still on his neck. 
Our guide pointing out the details in a wall. Much of Pompeii is still buried. If you look at the link above you can read more about it. 
Naples and the required Gelato. 


bBchronicles said...

WOW! You guys 'get around' ! ! ! Those are some fabulous photos - what memories you're making! Are you on a cruise or 'country-hopping'????!!!!

Leslie said...

Positano is exquisitely beautiful! WOW...I would be in heaven there. And the Amalfi Coast is unreal. I had to stare and stare at the cast of the dog, such a hard thing to imagine that happened there. Very sad!