Sunday, June 06, 2010

On to Villa Franche, Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo

Last night we went to bed in Italy and woke up in Villa Franche , France. It was a sunny beautiful day. (we are actually home now but this is my journal so I write it in current tense). 
We walked off the boat and a couple of blocks to the train station. We are on our own again today. It is more adventurous not to mention much cheaper. We rode the train to Nice. The flower market was beautiful. How I would love to have one near by. We had a little lunch out on a street cafe in the warm sun. 
A fresh fish stand. 
After lunch we caught the tram down to the beach. 
Every where you look is another beautiful scene. 
We headed back to the train station and headed to Monte Carlo. It was just a 15 minute ride. You knew you were in one of the most beautiful places in the world when you stepped off the train. The train station was first class. Jeff loves trains, subways and navigating through them. 
We walked out of the station and were overwhelmed with the beauty. The Grand Prix was to be held in two days and everything was ready for it. 
If you click below you can see the grandstands for the race all set up. 
Can you imagine living here?
We were happy for a couple of hours. 
There are some serious yachts parked down there. 

Here are the tires ready for the race cars. A tire for every circumstance. 
A banner over the Grand Prix race course. 
All smiles as we ended the day trip to such a beautiful place. 


Rachel said...

Happy for a few hours?? I'm not sure about you, but I was happy the whole time. And we're all generally extremely happy all the time, so what's with the "few hours" comment? :)

Mary Z said...

What I meant is that we were happy that we had a few hours to be there, we are not able to live there. Nothing to do with not being happy.

MZB said...

I love that picture of you two with the boats in the back! I went to Nice and Monte Carlo when I was in Europe they are beautiful

Clay Prince said...

No wonder photographers love that place. It seems so visually interesting!

Stephen Zollinger Family said...

Love the Pictures. It all looks so fabulous! What a great vacation!

g.suzie said...

Love you pictures Mary, I don't think it would be possible to take a bad picture on that trip! Amazing