Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few of my Dominican Republic friends

One of the best things about our travels are the wonderful people we meet and work with. Some are team members from the US who help us. Some are team members from the countries we travel to. There are are the Senior Missionary couples who are our right hands. Here are a few from our trip last week. 
Karen Cardoza is a nurse from Utah. She is a lot of fun. She also pitched in whenever possible to help at the administration desk. That is where I spend eight hours a day. I sit there until my back aches. I am also careful to not leave it unattended because of all the computers, printers, cameras etc that reside in the area. 
This is Raul. His Dad is helping to teach. His Mom and Dad have been working with us for years. They are making a huge difference in the health of newborn babies in the Dominican Republic. Raul speaks fluent English and we spent hours talking about all kinds of things. Raul is 16. I was impressed with his outlook on the world. 
Elder and Sister Francom are the Missionaries we work with in the country. They are dedicated and doing so many wonderful Humanitarian projects. We get to tag along sometimes and hear about all of their projects. Raul is visiting with them. 
Every morning when we come out of our Hotel a group of little boys is waiting for us to shine shoes. Jeff has some mighty shiny shoes. 
Here is Dr. Nordell Brown. He is a pediatrician from Logan. He and Elder Francom are watching the lecture someone is teaching. We have made a couple of trips with him. He is a great travel companion and instructor. 
Jeff and Dr. Tony Pimental. He is Raul's Father. Tony is a great guy. His wife Amira was not here this time. She is also a Doctor and usually teaches with us. 
After a long day of teaching and driving back to Santa Domingo we went over to the Temple. I think it is one of the pettiest ones. 
We took a walk around the temple and I noticed a silhouette against the temple of a young couple. I took these sweet pictures of them. We wondered if he was proposing to her. I kept thinking "just kiss her". Finally he did. 
There was a beautiful sunset this night. 
Here is our little group we spent the last week with in front of the temple. 

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Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you have had a great time sans the loud music.

Looks like it was warm.