Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More wild things in Kauai

Here are some pictures from Kauai. No time to do much of an explanation this morning. Too much to see and do. There are the famous NeNe wild Hawaii goose. Whale many whales here. And they are all jumping out of the water right in front of us. Check out the picture with three in a group. Wild grandparents again. Turtles (about 3 feet big).
OK we are off!

Kind of Jurrasic Park looking don't you think?

Mary looking for whales. They never let me down.

Black swans, so cool.

The lighthouse. This is where we saw the best whales. Groups of them all leaping out of the water. These may look little here but they are huge.

These are two different whales.

While shooting whale shots I caught this one by accident of a spider.

Click it for close up. It is a mamma, baby and guy whale.

Look at the NeNe up close. I did not know wrinkled necks could look so cool.

More wild grandparents.

This turtle was on our beach. He is huge. Cute guy.

No bad days on Kauai.


The Garden of Egan said...

Looks very beautiful. You could be here in the ER where we are just checking in our 5th patient of the morning who has fallen and broken something on the nasty icy sidewalks....
epidural bleed
Ya, I bet you miss us!

Leslie said...

Looks like paradise!!! So glad you took your many good shots!