Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Missing Kaua'i

Here are a few pictures from Kaua'i. Some are repeats but good memories for sure.

I love this picture of the seal.

The braided looking necks of the NeNE.

Beautiful black swans.

Big turtle checks us out.

Don't be fooled that this whale is little. It is a humpback whale throwing all 50 feet of his body out of the water.

White swan and red cardinal. There is beauty all around.


The Garden of Egan said...

Did you get close to that seal? He looks so precious!
Nice pictures. So sorry you had to come back to THIS!

Jonna said...

The pic's are beautiful.....makes me want to visit. I especially love the seal as well!

Tammy Ferney said...

The NeNes make me laugh. When we saw them on Maui, we kept refering to them to the locals, and they would burst out laughing because if you don't procounce the word NeNe just right, it means boobs!