Sunday, December 06, 2009

Trujillo, Chan Chan and Huanchaco Peru

Friday we finished up the NRT course. It went well. Jeff, Scott Witt and Nordell Brown demonstrate how to do the megacode. Below is a group shot of the participants.

Trujillo is a beautiful city. There is Spanish influence in the architecture. The colors are amazing. I wish I had a day to just take pictures. I missed out.

On Saturday we took the morning and visited a couple of old ruins. One was the Moche ruins. There was a sun and moon temple. They were destroyed by the Spaniards. It is currently being restored. It was an amazing place. Next we went to the Chan Chan ruins. Another amazing place.

These beautiful red birds were hanging out in the trees at the ruins.

Then there were the Peruvian hairless dogs. Very friendly but honestly pretty ugly. You have to click on the picture below to see the styling patch of hair on this doggy.

Part of the design in the ruins which represents fishing nets.

Higher than it looks!!!

Finally we went to the beach town of Huanchaco for a delicious lunch. We stopped to check out the famous little kayak type boats on the beach. They are woven of reeds.
Following the fun morning we headed to the airport in Trujillo. We arrived back in Rexburg tonight around 6 pm. Long, long time to spend in the airports and on planes. But it was all worth it. Another successful training! Thanks to so many dedicated people and medical people who helped.


The Garden of Egan said...

Welcome home to the freezzzzzzingggg cold!

MZB said...

Looks amazing

bBchronicles said...

What is the wall you're walking on? Sweet photos - have you adapted back into Rexburrrrrrrrrrrr?