Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas countdown

I have not blogged in a bit. Life is a bit crazy right now. Since September we took on a roller coaster ride of travel. It goes like this: We traveled to Argentina and Paraguay to teach NRT. While there we drove across nearly the entire country of Argentina in a mini van with 7 people crowded into it. We had a great time with the Argentine Doctors we worked with. Flew to Paraguay and spent two days there. In October we did the baby blessing tour. In November we traveled to Colombia to teach. It was also a great experience. We love the Doctors we worked with there also. Three wonderful Colombian Doctors. Thanksgiving came and went in a blur. Then a day after that we flew to Peru. Onto a bus for the thirteen hour drive over mountain roads. High elevation and lots of cold and rain kept us all shivering. And what goes up must come down so we repeated that thirteen hour drive over mountain roads. We arrived back home in time to do the Christmas sprint. We also fit in a trip to Salt Lake to see all the kids down there and see the Tabernacle Christmas concert. Also a trip down for our Church meeting. Next we flew  last weekend to Boise to see the crew over there. (It also boosted our sky mile status up to platinum). So we have not been home on a weekend for weeks, actually a couple of months.

These pictures are of the beautiful scarves we bought in Huancalevica Peru. Hand crocheted in beautiful colors and designs.

Meet Fred and Wilma my pet frogs. Pretty cute. They are also very easy to take care of unless you turn the heat off for the weekend and freeze their little bodies (hhmmm Rachel). I have been yearning for a puppy and this was supposed to curb that urge.

When I arrive home from our trips I find myself grateful for all that we have. It is a lot. We see so much poverty. Places that do not get to have Christmas as we do.

Here is a random picture I took in Huancalevica. It rained almost the whole time. There was a brief window of sunshine that we walked around in. This boy was playing with a little toy. I liked the picture.

This is how we usually walked the pouring rain and mud.

I showed in a previous post the Salt Cathedral built in a salt mine. Here is the nativity scene inside. Love love loved it. I collect nativity sets when we travel and have about 40 of them now. Maybe I will blog pictures of all of them. Some are really cool.
OK enough blogging. Christmas is nearly here and I need to get busy.


The Garden of Egan said...

Wow, your life is amazing. Looking through all your pictures on this page is overwhelming. The places you seen and the places you've gone
Pretty awesome.
Hopefully your Christmas will be quiet!
Have a good one!

MZB said...

I can't read your blog the color of the words is to light.
Love my scarf!

Dream Weaver Family said...

Wow, those scarfs are gorgeous, the colors are unbelievable.... you see some amazing things. Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy healthy New Year!

Mary Z said...

I think Magan needed to wait for the blog to finish loading.