Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday drive from Mesa Falls to Driggs

Today looked like the window to nice days is rapidly closing. We decided to go for a drive up to Mesa Falls and over to Driggs on the back roads. It was a nice day. We had fun taking pictures. Below are some little plants that you never pay attention to. Tomorrow is supposed to bring in a winter storm with SNOW. The bottom picture shows how high the snow gets at Mesa Falls.
I am not able to post more than four pictures on Picasa. My goal is to figure out how to do that. I have more pictures to post from today.

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Andy and Lynne said...

I have a picture of Christian and Isaac standing next to that snow pole when they were 1 & 3 yrs old. Love all of your great pictures, again!

Jonna said...

Beautiful pic's Mary....I also love that place!