Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures from this week

This pretty shot of the Rexburg Temple only lasted a couple of minutes tonight at sunset.

Below are four sisters. Jeff has delivered all of their babies over the last few years and even delivered some of the moms below. This year they all ended up having a baby within a couple of months. They got together at the Hospital for the picture below after the last one was born.

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barbchuck said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of the four sisters with their babies. Jeff told us about it, but it is much more exciting to see them and their babies in person. Thanks for having Andy, Lynne, and the kids for dinner so we could see everyone . . . especially darling Jacob.

Beth said...

I'm sure that was a special moment in Jeff's career to be able to have all of them together. Really cool.

The Garden of Egan said...

That is awesome! Don't know the sisters but they are sure gorgeous. Jeff has been around the block hasn't he?
Beautiful pic of the Temple.

Jonna said...

That is really sweet! Their Mom (Grandma) has been very busy indeed. Love your pictures Mary.

MZB said...

Did you say they did were going to do an article in the paper about that? They definitely should.