Thursday, July 09, 2009

4th of July

Life is good!

Ice cream bars for all.

Just a little nap in the park.

Ella, Edie and Grace master the monkey bars.

Finally I can catch up on the past week. It has been a bit busy around here. The 4th was grand.
We had a lot of family just show up. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. Not hot, little breeze and sunny. We made shirts for all of the kiddos that were walking billboards for Rexburg Medical Center. Grant, Christian and Isaac rode on the float that we made for Rexburg Medical Center. It had a swine flu theme. Jeff who was slinking round avoiding the float like the swine flu decided after watching the preparations that this was funner than he thought. He rode in the pick up with Joe Watson. I think I have him talked into participating in the RMC drill team for next year. Someone has to compete with the Rays Car wash drill team. Might as well be us. Any music suggestions. Someone already recommended "I want a new drug".

After the parade we went to the park and it was surprisingly also fun. The kids got face paint and cotton candy and ice cream and candy and more cotton candy ( you have the idea by now).

As I mentioned the weather was near perfect and we all relaxed. The new hook and ladder in town came and sprayed the park with a fine mist.

It was a nice day. The 4th of July has always been our main holiday. One year we sat all by ourselves in La Rioja Argentina on the 4th. We were outside at a little pizza place and tried to hold back the tears. It was a sad homesick day. We decided if at all possible we would never miss another 4th of July.

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Beth said...

You always have such great stories and memories to share on the 4th. Soooooo Fun! The kids are adorable as always.

The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pictures. When are we taking a photography class?????

Raydar Love said...

fun! i didn't know that lauren was up there too. you had a float???? where are the pics???????

please click on the ice cream bar pic & look at isaac. please.

barbchuck said...

What a fun day! We especially enjoyed seeing Leslie and Mitch and their kids. It's been ages since we saw them in real life. It was wonderful seeing Lynne and Andy's family Monday . . . and especially new little Jacob. What a doll baby!

suzan said...

I always love your 4th of July posts! Rexburg is just the perfect little American home town, what a great place to celebrate!