Monday, April 06, 2009

Ok I finally finished cleaning my room.

Everyone knows by now my obsessive need to clean my room on Conference weekends. I dug in early Saturday morning. I completely emptied the closet and every nook and cranny.
Here is the before picture.

This is the result of emptying the closet. Ouch.

Next out come the products. orange scented works best for me. Nice and fresh smelling.

Does anyone remember the ganaugh. Not sure how to spell it but I remember as a child being very afraid of the hand that went around doing scary things.

Everything gets a good scrubbing. Every inch.

At last everything is back in it's place. Spic and span clean. Stand and stare at it clean. Big deep breath clean. Love it.

Just FYI. Three big bags to the garbage. Three large piles on their way to DI and I found several missing things. My book about Machu Pichu that I have not been able to find for three years. A box of cards and letters that I sat and looked through for an hour. In a cute box marked Love Letters. There were some really great things in the box.

Next the garage!

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Berta said...

That's EXACTLY what I need to do with our room! Oh man, how I dread it - but it's a 'have to'! Thanks for the inspiration! Great work!

The Garden of Egan said... ya rent yerself out?

The Garden of Egan said...

Hey, just to let you know, I'm a fan of your blog! Come over to my blog and grab your fan!

Jonna said...

Oh...I'm so jealous. I've got to do the same things very, very soon. It looks so refreshing!

g.suzie said...

I would just pull up a chair and admire the closet for awhile!!!

MZB said...

I got down to business!

Leslie said...

I am seriously impressed.

barbchuck said...

I agree with Berta and Jonna! That is EXACTLY what I've been needing to do. What a good idea it is to just take EVERYTHING out and start fresh! Thanks for the inspiration, Mary.

Dream Weaver Family said...

Mary that looks really good, what an organizer. I showed Brad the picture of the stuff put in your bedrm and his eyebrows went way up, then I showed him the results of your hard work and he was very impressed! But I thinking your stuff really probably should't go to D.I. You should drop it at poor peoples house like mine! Looks great!!!!

Raydar Love said...

you are nuts