Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter was pretty quiet in Rexburg. No Easter bunnies, no big ham dinners. Just the usual Sunday activities. Well not all regular. With less than 24 hours notice I taught the Gospel Doctrines class. Yes, most of the BYUI Religion teachers attend that class.

We did have a few candy filled eggs for the kids that were here. I tried to get a cute picture of them but the picture Gods were not with us. Getting these four to take a cute picture is not an easy feat. Here are some of the better shots.

Isaac demonstrates "snorting" an egg.
Ava trying out a sophisticated smile.
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Berta said...

I think you did quite well for yourself, I've NEVER seen an egg snorted before . . . that's a first for me! You know, kids don't even have to try and their pictures come out cute . . . nice job. AND that Gospel Doctrine . . . oh mercy . . . I think I'd have a heart attack with all those BYU-I teachers gocking at you . . . ohhhhh man! Good job!

Beth said...

Those kids are sooo cute. And such personality. You are one lucky Grandma.

MZB said...

Way to go Gospel Doctrine class!

Leslie said...

CUTE kids!