Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow shots from Iceburg

Berta got the name right. I am sure they should change it from Rexburg to Iceburg. Windchill yesterday was -39 here. No school was in session for a couple of counties. Today it is a balmy 5 that is plus 5. It is still snowing. Very schizophrenic weather. Last weekend it snowed a lot of very wet mixed with rain snow. Then the sub zero in a matter of hours. How do you dress for this? The forecast is for mid 30's again in a day or so. The snow the last two days is light and fluffy. It is piled about six inches deep on these roses. Below is the snowy tablecloth on the deck table. I noticed in this picture the tracks going past the deck. I know they are not human as no humans left their warm houses yesterday. Finally below is the cover over the deck. When I looked out last night it was a very pretty sight with the snow precariously hanging onto it. One puff of wind and it will all be gone. Or should I say "Gone With the Wind". 
I better go decide what snow and cold gear to wear today. I see it just went up one degree. 

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Beth said...

Nice pictures if Iceberg. Are you sure you still want that "Let It Snow" gadget on your sidebar? You're inviting wintery weather to hang around with that. Be careful and stay warm. Love ya!