Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of all the Charles in my Dad was the first.

My Dad, Barb, Mary, Beth, Mike and Pat. We are all just a year apart, me being the oldest.
Thanks to everyone who has helped me worry about my Dad , click here for a link to his blog with his story and pictures. He received his new fancy shmancy pacemaker last night. All went well and he gets to go home today if he had a good night.
I have a lot of Charles in my life. My Dad (Charles Oliver Feigleson), my husband (Charles Jeffrey Zollinger), my father-in-law, (Charles Walters Zollinger), my nephew (Charles Jacob Allen), Jeff's son (Charles Matthew Zollinger), grandson (Charles Floyd Jones). Help me out if I forgot any. Charles comes with lots of nicknames. Chuck, Charley, Chucky.
We had planned to go to Boise this weekend to see the kids over there. However the weather is not great. It is snowing like crazy here. They predicted an inch here but it is coming down pretty hard.The tree branches are hanging low from the weight of it. We are going to go to Idaho Falls and see the Benjamin Button movie with Brad Pitt. Take the day off and be lazy. That rarely happens around here.
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. Thanks to my Dad for pulling through in his typical no nonsense manner and Barb for taking such wonderful care of him.


Berta said...

Love your post - hold onto that dad of yours as long as you can! I miss mine SO much! He's going to be fine - and better than ever.

HEADS UP! Benjamin Button at the 'cheap show' - check their listings - I think driving to IF TODAY isn't going to be that great (as I look out the window) . . . we're going today too! ! ! !

Beth said...

Dad is a very special person. As you put it "in his typical no nonsense manner" that is him all the way. I love the picture of dad and Barb laughing. It catches both of them so well and I'm sure HAPPY and Appreciating Life is how they are feeling today. Beautiful post.
Hugs and Kisses

Leslie said...

Not gonna lie...we are bummed we won't be seeing you this weekend! But, I probably wouldn't be venturing out in the weather either.
That Grandpa Chuck is a stubborn old mule! There's no other way around him getting better, if his will has anything to do with it. He needs to stick around for a long, long time.He just seems so young! (love the pics! I think Pat and his clan really have a lot of Grandpa's look)
And I can't believe all those Charles' in your life! Truly amazing!

MZB said...

Glad to here is good report on your dad. Have a relaxing weekend. I also recommend AUSTRALIA if you haven't seen it.

SUZAN said...

Love that picture of Grandpa and Barb!

Jeppesens said...

Glad to hear that your dad's procedure went well. It is amazing all the technology that helps us live longer and healthier lives. That is one thing I am thankful for, my health. Glad to hear that you got a lazy weekend. We all need those once in awhile!

JW said...

Mary,we're glad all went well with your Dad. I'm with Berta, Dads are special people, hold onto him.

barbchuck said...

Mary, I love this picture of you four kids. I treasure each of you. I hadn't seen the laughing picture of your dad and me before. As Beth said, both Chuck and I are now stopping and taking time to appreciate the life we have together. How very blessed we were that everything turned out fine. Tonight we had a fire, hors d'oeuvres, clams, wine, and conversation, and gave thanks for the wonderful life we have. You kids and grandkids are absolutely awesome. We couldn't be more lucky!!