Sunday, December 07, 2008

Life is definitely good!

For our last day on the Island we just got in the car and went where the guidebook took us. We went to all the "little" attractions that you bypass for the bigger sights. We had fun seeing them. We stopped in historic old Hannepepe. It was artsy but mostly closed. We did walk across the swinging bridge. Took colorful pictures. I just loved the old pick up turned planter.

Of course we had to stop into Jo Jo's shaved ice again. I got a concoction of Macadamia ice cream, shredded coconut, cream, and chocolate flavor all poured onto shaved ice. It was dreamy.
We did the drive up the canyon. Indescribably pretty. It was fogged in again on the NaPali coast but we caught this glimpse of it. We visited Salt Pond Beach which was where all the locals were surfing and having a fun Saturday. Saw a black sand beach and walked out onto a long pier and watched someone fishing on it. Finally we headed back to Poipu Beach for dinner and then watched the sunset before heading off to the airport. So long Kauai!

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Jonna said...

I'm very jealous! It sounds day.

Beth A said...

Welcome to winter. Glad you were able to enjoy the tropical weather before you have to settle into real winter. Looks like you had a great trip.

MZB said...

He is in JO JO BlISS. Beautiful pictures!

barbchuck said...

You two really made the most of your last day. I think this is the only time I've seen Jo Jo's without a crowd! Love the bougainvillea! Thank you for letting us spend some time in Kauai with you. It brings back so many happy memories!