Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One week... one skirt

OK I have been talking about it for a couple of trips now. So this is the trip. I decided packing and clothes when you travel are a pain. So I decided to try to do one week with one skirt. A basic black skirt. I should do a Chico's ad for this. So here is the deal. I will wear the same skirt everyday (4) that I have to wear Sunday clothes. Just so you know I threw in two extra skirts in case I could not do this. But I am up to the challenge. Today I chose a white blouse with embroidery and a black vest. FYI, so far I have worn only one pair of black pants on the trip also. Maybe I will make that a deal also. Oh boy think of how easy the next trip will be.

Check tonight for today's black skirt outfit!

Jeff teaching how to help a baby breathe that is having problems at birth.

Our friends...Dr. Kevin Lash and his wife Christie. We caught this rainbow just in time. It has been raining a lot. Big thunderstorms and heavy rain. Should make our drive tomorrow interesting as they tend to have lots of landslides on the mountain roads when it rains.

Tonight I am headed to the store with all of the cute quilted shoes again.

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Jonna said...

Mary I always enjoy your posts. I hate packing, that's why we never go anywhere. If I stay home, I don't have to worry about what I wear! I sure admire you & the Good Dr.

Beth A said...

Wow, the fashion queen wearing the same skirt day after day. I'll be watching to see if you can really do it. You go girl!

Berta said...

I promise you . . . if you were to ask someone 'what' you wore the day before, they wouldn't be able to tell you! You ALWAYS look so nice - you'll do great - but, a nice challenge. I was once in Washington DC and had my suitcase stolen and I was in the same clothes for over a week! That WAS NOT sweet! Be safe.

SUZAN said...

Good luck to you on the one skirt challenge. I think you can do it! It's a cute skirt and basic black always looks good. Can't wait to see how you do!

Leslie said...

You're wild and crazy, Mary!