Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicos black skirt day 2

Day two in the black skirt is now in the history books. I chose a white blouse with a baby blue scarf. Nobody stopped me and said "what are you thinking, didn't you just wear that yesterday?" Tomorrow a break in styles. We are on the bus at 9 am. So it will be a more casual day. But Thursday I will be slipping back into the black skirt so stay tuned. Maybe I should share my ideas with Sarah Palin. Or maybe she should share her wardrobe with me. I don't know what the fuss is about. I could drop that much money in a shopping spree if I had the funds. Just ask Jeff.

We discovered today that the stylets for the ET tubes were the wrong size. So Jeff headed out to find a solution. He came back with copper wire and sat down and made about 20 of the new copper stylets. We may be onto something. A stylish stylet. I think he is taking orders.

We ended the first course with a real bang. The closing ceremonies are typically a fun ending. However this one went a little tense. Some of the participants thought they should get more. A little shouting and accusing started. I got nervous and went to watch over all of our belongings. Fortunately it passed. Hope to never be in that situation again.

It rained hard again tonight. We went to an Italian place to eat some great food. It was pouring rain. We were in an outdoors dining room under a tent like roof. The sound of the rain was very loud and nice and the music was good. Lots of oldies. It was one of those times that you soak it in. We were with really nice people, eating good food, listening to great music and the atmosphere was what you think only happens in movies. Everyone worked really hard the last two days and it was a perfect evening.

Click on the picture and notice the tension in the room below.

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the merriest said...

what the heck is a stylet?

Beth A said...

You look very cute today (or yesterday, whatever day)anyway you've successfully pulled off 2 days and you're still stylin'. Keep up the good work. Stay safe!
Hugs and Kisses

MZB said...

Nice work with making the stylets.
Chicos has found a new spokeswomen

g.suzie said...

Okay Mary, I just have to know, is Jeff in on this experiment, because he always looks pressed and nice. I'm pretty sure he's not sporting Chicos. . .And you get A+ with your black skirt agenda so far!

Mary Z said...

Jeff really has no interest in what I wear. He changes his tie every day and that is it.