Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the roller coaster in Columbia

We drove 5 hours today from Medellin to Pereira. It was 5 hours of roller coaster road. I sat in the back of the van. it was a rough 5 hours. I do not get car sick but this about did me in. The road had not one single straight stretch of road the entire time. We went over the mountains. It was a very busy road. Lots of trucks passing and speeding. It was unbelievably beautiful however. So green and dramatic. We saw coffee fields, banana trees,cattle ranches and rivers.

We stopped at this place to get a drink. It was a lot like in India. Cooking over fire and wooden tables and chairs outside. These parrots were there and when I walked up to them this one hung down in front of my face. Silly bird. Silly me with such a goofy look on my face. Jeff always seems to catch me looking funny.

We visited a hospital and this nurse ran down the hall to catch us. She is LDS and was excited to have us visit the hospital. She was very pretty and has a nurses cap on. I had to add the picture below of the clouds from Sunday that we flew through. I used to panic when flying in this kind of clouds. Now I find them beautiful. Like bouncing along on pillows. HA!

Tomorrow we travel to another city. We are stopping at the Disney Land of coffee on the way.


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LZ said...

is it legal for you to get rob some columbian coffee

MZB said...

The car ride would have been my demise. Beautiful cloud pics.

Debbie said...

Hi Mary...things are good here...cats doing well! This cloud picture is what I would imagine heaven to look like! Looks like its just around the corner!You take some AMAZING pictures! Glad you are safe and having a good time! See you soon...Debbie V