Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cafe Park in Columbia

Today we drove to Armenia. The Newman's have to do a class her tonight so we rode along. We went to a park that was really nice. It is the Cafe Park. A park all about coffee. It is a theme park with displays and rides etc. Very nice and lots of fun things to see and do. Here is Jeff picking coffee beans off of a bush. I never knew they were green and red when ripe.

Doing a photo op with "Juan Valdez".

I asked Jeff if I could do a pretend picture of me tied to a tree in the jungle...he said no so I am pouting here. Below is a look at the bamboo jungle. It was so impressive. I think that they might be a lot like the quakies in my yard. Glad I do not have to dig these up

Tomorrow we fly to Bogota and home on Friday.

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MZB said...

The culture you guys are seeing is incredible. Come to Boise and see our culture soon. We are working on Rachel to move to Boise.

Leslie said...

When do I get to go?

Mary Z said...

Any of you are welcome to come on any trip. It would mean a week away from home and part of the time would be kind of boring as we teach the courses. Peru in September and Columbia in October. Argentina and Paraguay in March and April.

Beth said...

Mary, I think you're supposed to Sway "with" the trees not against them. Maybe Jeff should have tied you to the tree. Nice shots as usual.