Monday, June 16, 2008

Back trying to catch up

Here is a random shot of me...Jeff caught me giving him directions on how to take a picture. I was explaining how he needed to frame his shots before snapping it. Oops, he framed me all right!!! What a bossy girl I am.

I have been pretty busy the last 10 days. Travel can be really tough. We arrived home yesterday and there was so much to catch up on.

The news has been a little disturbing lately. The flooding in Cedar Rapids Iowa has my attention. I was born there. In fact I read that the Mercy Hospital which is the place I was born was flooded and evacuated.

I was very saddened about Tim Russert's death. He was my favorite TV news person. I have been telling Jeff this last year that he should run for President. He always made sense to me. The election will not be the same without his interviews and Meet the Nation. So sad.

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad. I wanted to post some cute pictures of him holding me as a baby. No time for that either but I will get to it. I remembered today that I have to speak to 200-300 BYUI girls tomorrow about our South American ventures. So I am working on that.

Today was a really pretty day...finally.


rachel said...

bossy girl.

wild hair.

amazing water.

cute picture.

MZB said...

You are busy busy, I to was very sad about Tim Russert. Did you here after he collapsed they gave him rescue breaths but no chest compressions. No one around knew basic CPR.

Leslie said...

Glad your back safe and sound. That water looks so gorgeous. Now just catch up and then slow down again for the 4th of July weekend when we all show up!

Beth A said...

I have been keeping track of the flooding in Iowa as well. Seems to always have more of an impact when you have a connection and when you can relate to the experience as we both can.