Friday, April 11, 2008

Winters final grip on my yard

I am hoping (bet you are too), that my winter posts are about to come to an end. Yep it snowed again yesterday. I had to check the calender just to remind myself that it is the middle of April.
These little guys know what month it is. The snow melted off this patch today and the daffodils were already up. Look at the ones peaking out of the snow.
I usually have my pots started by now. I have not even been able to find them this year. Today I discovered a couple of them.
Look below. I thought this looked like the arms of snow trying to keep a hold on the shrub in front of my house. He is going to lose the battle. It is supposed to get up to 60 on Sunday. Whoopee!
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SUZAN said...

I'm with ya! I am ready to kiss winter goodbye! Hopefully this warm spell that is coming through will be enough to melt a bunch of the snow and start turning things green again... Yipee!!!

Leslie said...

I guess you would not like me to tell you how I just came in from outside...Reading a book in tank top and shorts, with sweat dripping down my temples and rosy, sunkissed cheeks now?

Mary Z said...

It would be best to not tell me that. However it is a beautiful day here today. Snow disappearing in the sun.

barbchuck said...

I'm with Leslie. The past week has been in the 80's and today was in the 90's! It was still 80 last night when we came out of the symphony. Tonight I wore a little summer dress for our wine on the deck and the temperature was just perfect. I am in heaven! I feel so sorry that you still have snow! Our hibiscus is blooming already!

Berta said...

You SERIOUSLY have the coolest view of that temple - what a view to see every night before going to bed and then again when you get up! I can see the very tip-top of the steeple from our house - I'll take it! I like the pic of the snow-monster gripping the ground not wanting to leave - pretty cool!

Beth said...

We mowed lawns and worked on flower beds this weekend.