Monday, April 21, 2008

Tidbits from Paraguay

Here are some things from the trip so far. The picture above was taken in Brazil at a book store. I thought it was kind of funny these books sitting together.
We stopped at the Temple grounds to look around. It was such a gorgeous night. Pleasant temperature not too hot.
The Ruckers are the Missionary couple we work with in Argentina and Paraguay. They are hard workers and loads of fun. After teaching and a little shopping we went to a local parilla for dinner. It was excellent and we got to sample the meat before ordering. So yummy!!! I had the pollo y championes. Any guesses?
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rachel said...

it's always mushrooms with you mom!

fyi world...she orders pizza with mushrooms and black olives. everytime. :/

Andy & Lynne said...

that is funny, those books next to each other! they're both on my 'lame' list.

rachel said...

what is even better is that the book vendor placed them next to a george orwell book. animal farm? 1984? either would make a statement when paired with the other 2.

Mary Z said...

Good answer on the food question Rachel. Tonight I had Pizza Hut with black olives and mushrooms. It was extra good. I skipped lunch as it looked mysterious.

Leslie said...

hahahaha mom!