Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here in Paraguay at last

We arrived in Paraguay this afternoon. Whew it is a long way from home. There were five of us on the plane and nobody really slept. We watched the movie "Kite Runner". It was very good and stuck close to the book. I thought it was perfectly cast, matching what I had pictured the characters as.
The weather is perfect today. Tonight we walked around the neighborhoods near the Hotel trying to stay up as late as possible. We had to return to the Hotel before dark. They had Presidential elections today. We were told to not be out in the evening as there could be violence in the streets. So far it is pretty calm out there.
More tomorrow when we get rested up. For now I am giving in and going to bed. It is 6:45 pm here or 4:45 at your houses. Haven't slept since Friday night and that was short. Good night.

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Leslie said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. I got your message yesterday. I was in Logan, and couldn't get back to you before your flight left. Keep us posted.