Saturday, June 17, 2017

Neonatal Resuscitation in Paraguay

The training this time is in Asuncion and Pedro Juan Caballero Paraguay. We were teaching 7th Edition for the first time. Fluffy got to go with us and quite enjoyed the trip. She is just like me and loved the chipas. 
 Teaching in LDS Chapels is always nice because we know that we will have the equipment, seating and restrooms for everyone. 
 Great team of people to work with. Erin and Gary flew done with us and did a great job. 
 Fluffy wanted to see the Temple grounds. 
 Fluffy getting a close up view of Moroni on top of the Temple. 

 Dr Armoa was in one of the first classes that we taught in Paraguay. He is a good friend. We got to see him on this trip It has been years since we have seen him. He and Jeff looking at one of the babies int he NICU. 
 Beautiful new mall in Asuncion. 
 Ants were carrying leafs so huge across the walk way. 
 We drove from Asuncion to Pedro Juan Caballero. It was about 7 hours. I sat in the third seat with a lot of luggage around me. 
 Elder and Sister Huling were amazing. He did the certificates which is so much help. 
 We took a little field trip out to a water fall and park. Very pretty and a nice little break. 
 We had a cool experience out in the middle of fields on a dirt road. We were kind of on the border of Paraguay and Brazil. It was a dark night and the stars were amazing. We jumped out and saw the Southern Cross and a great view of the Milky Way. So fun. 

 In the evening we visited a Hospital and got to see one of our students working the night shift. She is helping a new Mom bond with her baby with Kangaroo Care. 
 Our Hotel room was a little odd with these eyes on us. 
 For dinner one night we went to an Egyptian pizza place in Brazil. How is that for International cuisine? 

 There were 85
 awesome students who attended the courses. 
 We had a 6 hour layover in Brazil. We met these nice people who were also doing Humanitarian aid in Paraguay. We had dinner with them and a lot of fun. The world is full of amazing people doing amazing things. However you don't hear about that on the news. 

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