Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hanging out in St George for Spring Break

We had a crowd for spring break this year. It was a revolving door of kids and grand kids. Magan, Eric and Grace showed up first. The next day Leslie, Ella and Edie came. Then the next day it was Andy, Lynne, Christian, Isaac, Addie, Ava, Jake and Stockton. Finally Rachel, Todd, Ana, Lily and Jack. 
 We had a variety of things planned but the kids just wanted to swim and hang out at the house. 

 A little storm blew in. It was like a hurricane. Andy and family left during it and had a rough ride home back to Ogden. 
 Ana aka Betty made crepes for the crowd. Cute little cook. 
 There was a nightly Scum game. It got a little wild at times. 
 We took out the grass this year. We love the concrete deck. No more bunnies ruining the back yard. 
 Fluffy getting snuggles from Edie.

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