Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hiking on Kauai is worth the effort

Our morning trip out to the beach never disappoints. We see seals, whales, birds turtles and the always present chickens and roosters. 
 Spent the morning looking around Poipu area and hiking one of my favorite little hikes along the coast. Beautiful views and some fun things along the way. 
 In Boise they had terrible weather while we were gone. That meant that Grace did not miss the whole week of school. 
 Jeff standing over the blow hole along the trail. Just cooling off. 

 We found a little shack on a secluded beach. It made me think of castaway. Does this mean that I need to change Fluffy's name to Wilson? 

 The sunsets were also unbelievably beautiful. 
 Our next hiking day was up on the North Shore. Baldwins went on it and I went on a smaller one with Jeff. Everyone had marvelous views and a fun time.

 This was the first time we ran into wild pigs or boars. 
 Not only did we luck out with great weather. There was no rain. There was no wind. The temps were in the low 80's. We also had a full moon. It could not have been better. 

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