Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tis the season

Christmas is coming. I put up all of my decorations this time because Andy is coming followed by Rachel. It has been kind of fun. 
 We had a Christmas party with as many of the friends that could come. It was a lovely night at Sheralee's beautiful house. 
 We had a YW party at the house and played a fun game. 
 It was a quick trip to St George to check on things. It rained a lot but it was a restful weekend. I got in a couple of nice walks. 
It was pouring rain in St George. I actually like it when it rains there. The red rocks look brighter and it is peaceful watching it from the sofa. 
 We came home to a lot of snow. Tons of snow that so far has not quit. It did make some beautiful pictures. The trees are all haeavy with snow. 
 The Grand Teton is glowing. I saw the beautiful sunrise out of my kitchen window. I jumped in the car in my slippers and went for a ride. I saw such glorious things. 

 I just love this night time picture. I woke up at 4 am and saw this surreal scene. 
It looks like I have a snow hat on. This was early morning at the office. 
 They dressed Stockton up in one of Rachel's baby dresses. 

 Today they changed the name on the Rexburg Medical Center. 
 Rachel and I went for a cold little walk on Christmas Eve morning. I thought it was warm and she thought it was cold. 

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